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Welcome to the Office of Scale Research!

The Office of Scale Research (OSR), associated with the Marketing Department at SIU for over two decades, provides assistance to those engaged in marketing research, particularly those who use measurement scales. The information provided here is useful to a very wide group of professionals who want to use psychometrics to study the thoughts and feelings of a group of people. The connection with marketing in particular comes from the source of the measures that have been reviewed over time. The scales have been used and tested in research that have been published in scholarly marketing journals. Because those measures have a history of usage and the results published, it is possible for researchers with some understanding of psychometrics to judge the quality of the scales and, thereby, make a better selection from among the available measures. By building upon the best of what scholars have produced, the wasted effort in making new scales can be reduced and the quality of research increased.

The site offers assistance with the following issues: