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Volume 12 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series was released last year. Soon after that, work began on Volume 13. In the time since then, descriptions of over 270 scales new to series have been written. Many constructs have been touched on, some of which have been measured for many decades while others are new. The constructs that have been touched on the most so far for Volume 13 are AI, anthropomorphism, retail stores, loyalty, and brands. Below are the challenges that are faced in selecting scales for the series and writing useful descriptions of them.

Scale-related Pet-Peeves Blog

While scales should be developed in a thorough, multi-step process that produces strong evidence of reliability and validity, it is not being done on a routine basis.  Sloppy practices by researchers and journal reviewers who ought to know better continues to occur and may be getting worse. Below are some of the issues that have been confronted when reviewing scales for the book series.