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Volume 11 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series is available! The book picks-up where the previous volume ended and has reviews of 400 multi-item scales used in scholarly consumer research. In terms of coverage, the bulk of the scales focus on popular topics in the fields of marketing and consumer science such as products, branding, advertising, retailing, and purchasing.  Measures related to many other topics are also in this volume including investing and other aspects of personal finance, love and romance, health, relationships, responsibilities, salespeople, donating, self-efficacy, social media, reality, superiority, threats, and touch. More information about this new volume and a free sample are available at

Scale-related Pet-Peeves Blog

While I would prefer all scales to be developed in a thorough, multi-step process that produces strong evidence of reliability and validity, it is not being done on a routine basis in our top academic journals.  I continue to come across sloppy practices by scholars who ought to know better. Why is this?  Time is always limited but, does quick scale creation have to be so dirty?

Discriminant Validity: Excessive Neglect & Misleading Claims

Despite the importance of showing that a scale is measuring a particular construct and not others it might be confused, it is far from routine in the social sciences for strong evidence of a scale's discriminant validity to be provided in published research. --- more ---

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