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Volume 9 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series has been published! The book has reviews of 433 multi-item scales used in scholarly consumer research, more than any book since Volume 6 of the series.   In terms of coverage, there are scales related to typical topics such as brands, advertising, stores, purchasing, and pricing.  Additionally, there are new scales for some "smaller" topics that were less covered (if at all) in the previous books of the series such as environmentalism, service dominant orientations, symbolic embeddedness, word-of-mouth activity, switching costs, product installations, place attachment, interactions with employees, and sports. Read more about the book and download the sample that has the Table of Contents and examples of some reviews.

Scale-related Pet-Peeves Blog

Have you ever been given a satisfaction survey and were told that it was VERY IMPORTANT to give the highest possible score regardless of what you really thought? Does anyone believe this is good measurement practice? I strongly disagree with it! See my reasons why in this new pet-peeve blog.

Bogus Measurement of Satisfaction

A service tech came to my house to work on the satellite system.  He provided service for a large, well-known company that was purchased a few years ago by an even larger telecommunications giant.  (The logo of the giant is on the rating form I was given.) When the tech was finished with the work, he asked me to fill out two rating forms, one before he left and one that would come later in a call from the telecom.  For the first one, he stood right next to me and watched closely as I filled out several questions about his service.  He made it clear that I should give him the highest score because any other number implied failure.--- more ---

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