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Volume 10 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series is available! The book picks-up where the previous volume ended and has reviews of 402 multi-item scales used in scholarly consumer research. In terms of coverage, the bulk of the scales focus on topics well known in the fields of marketing and consumer science such as products, branding, advertising, retailing, and purchasing.  Measures of many other topics are covered as well, including benevolence, co-production, corporate social responsibility, food, emotions, engagement, environmentalism, games, health, personality traits, satisfaction, social media, websites, and word-of-mouth. Read more about the book and download the sample that has the Table of Contents and examples of some reviews.

Scale-related Pet-Peeves Blog

While I would prefer all scales to be developed in a thorough, multi-step process that produces strong evidence of reliability and validity, it is not being done on a routine basis in our top academic journals.  I continue to come across sloppy practices by scholars who ought to know better. Why is this?  Time is always limited but, does quick scale creation have to be so dirty?

Poor Descriptions of Scales

The primary task I have when reviewing scales is to describe them.  In previous pet-peeve posts over the years, I have discussed the challenges that are faced in doing that. In this post, I will focus on information given in articles that is confusing and/or incomplete with regard to exactly WHAT a scale is measuring.--- more ---

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