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The Marketing Scales Handbooks

Ten volumes of the Marketing Scales Handbook series have been published since 1992 and cover 37 years of scales reported in the top scholarly journals associated with the field of marketing. In total, well over 4,000 scales have been reviewed. The books are referred to as "volumes" rather than "editions" because each successive publication was not merely a revision of material from the previous books but, instead, contained scales that were new to the series, particularly for Volume 7 and those that have followed.

By clicking on a volume (below), you can see a list of the scales contained in the book.

Volumes 5 - 11 are the only books in the series available at this time. Individuals can find details about getting them at the MarketingScales website. Libraries should contact EBSCO or ProQuest for service. The earlier volumes are out of print and might only be found in used book stores. Fortunately, the reviews of scales for use in consumer research contained in the earlier books can be found in revised form in the repository at MarketingScales.